Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Two Thousand and Eighteen

2018, what a year! I'm having so much fun in this life with these guys and our family and friends near and far. 
The Swede's fishing club hosted the national championship in ice fishing this winter, so in the weeks leading up to the big event he was out testing the ice almost every day. In January, I followed along and we pranced through the snow on our lunch break.
Jamie and I still don't fish, but everybody pitches in.
What we do do, however, is build tunnels...
… and read books! In January Jamie got his first library card.
In February Melodifestivalen FINALLY began and our Saturday nights were booked for the next seven weeks.
The ice fishing championship was a huge success, thanks to a lot of hard work by my man.
By March Jamie was pretty confident on the ice skates and the ice was thick enough that we could skate on the lake by our house.
Our family and friends from England visited for the Mello final and also spent some time on the ice.

The Swede and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary by taking the day off work and enjoying each others company, plus good food and drinks in the city.
During the long winter weekends I made Jamie watch old home videos and he danced along with 4-year-old Damara.
I mean, just look at this little guy!
In April we spent a weekend at our favorite place, Dalecarlia Hotel in Tällberg.

The Swede was stylin', as usual.
April was also an exciting month at work, where we recorded a video ad. I managed the project and it was a lot of fun.
The weather got nice fast this spring and as soon as we could get outside at the cabin Jamie set up an obstacle course for the grown-ups.
I still can't really believe this happened, but at the end of April my sister came from Montana and my mom came from Ohio and we all met on Prince Edward Island in Canada.
My sister and I grew up with Anne of Green Gables, so it had always been a dream of ours to visit PEI, but we never really thought it would happen. It did, though, and it was amazing.
It was so good to spend time with these ladies, just the three of us, and it really was the trip of a lifetime.
By May it was hot in Sweden. We cheered on The Swede at a fishing competition…
there he is!…
… and even had to get out of the heat with some minigolf.
May brought romance…
… I baked scones and camped out on the couch for the royal wedding.
It was so hot that Jamie was swimming in the lake months before usual.

In June Jamie gave fishing a try, though nobody caught anything that day.
We went to England to visit Anne and Matt and even got spend time with Jody.

And of course, we visited Parken Zoo.
June was a hopeful month, seeing as Sweden was in the World Cup and it was going pretty well for us at first.
Erin and I were twins…
… and Jamie and Axel tore up Gröna Lund.
Then came July and AMERICA!!!
We spent almost the whole month stateside enjoying Grandma…
… and visiting all of our favorite spots.
We even went out west and visited good friends in New Mexico…
… and Colorado. 
We enjoyed all the best Ohio has to offer, including sweet summer corn and these ladies.

And, of course, baseball and literal buckets of seafood.

Back in Sweden, we spent the rest of a hot, hot July in or near the water.

In August we were back at work and I got to have lunch with these lovely ladies and meet their new sons.

Jamie started first grade!
And Eija celebrated her first year.
At the end of the month we finally got around to celebrating Jamie's 7th birthday with a popcorn and pajamas party.
In September Filipa was in Stockholm so we enjoyed catching up on her exciting life.
I got dressed up and voted in the national election in the beginning of September (as of today, we still don't have a government!).
And later in the month I headed back to Ohio for a conference and was able to make it to my cousin's wedding and see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Jamie was hilarious all year.
In October we went to Skansen outdoor museum and zoo and Jambo got friendly with a sweet teddy bear.

See? Hilarious.

In November we hosted our annual Thanksgiving dinner with Erin and Svante and the kids and it was wonderful chaos.

 In December we went to a couple of cozy Christmas markets at nearby castles.

 Linda hosted the Sixth Annual Christmas Craft Day in their lovely new home.
Jamie got in the spirit and colored a picture for Grandma at school.
Once the ice rink opened we became obsessed with skating and are looking forward to spending as much time as possible there for the rest of the winter.
And finally, we celebrated Christmas with the Swedish family at Mama and Papa Swede's place.

Happy New Year and thanks for checking in!