Thursday, April 28, 2016

Folk Barf, More Like

I can't stop gagging. I'm going about my business, living my life, reading a tourist magazine, when I made the mistake of reading about that lovely crown pictured there. It's made out of HUMAN HAIR, you guys! Oh no, I'm gagging again. Apparently when fashions changed in the 1700's, the wig makers were out of work so they resorted to making this disgusting, so-called "folk art" instead. Apparently that was before the dole, which is a shame because the wig makers' unemployment leading to this catastrophe was something I'm sure any tax payers of the time would have been thrilled to have contributed to the prevention of. How, how, how can this admittedly intricate and seemingly painstakingly-woven… what… accessory?… even be in the same category as this glorious beast? 

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