Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Drink Of The Summer

I cut sugar from my diet a couple of months ago, with two exceptions: fruit and alcohol. The alcohol in moderation, I promise, but I am going to town on some fruit up in here because it's summer so it's cheap and tasty and it'd be foolish not to. Elderflower syrup does not fall into the alcohol category, even if I would only ever use it in a cocktail, so last year's summer drink, the Hugo, was a no-go. I needed a replacement, so I got online and found the solution: the Moscow Mule. It contains half of a ginger beer, which I love and which is surely packed with sugars of all kinds, but falls into one of the acceptable categories. Otherwise, with a shot of vodka (I used blueberry and it was delish), the juice from half a lime, and plenty of ice, it's a pretty nutritious treat. Go mix one up for yourself!

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