Sunday, September 11, 2016

At The Circus With My Monkey

Sarianne's blog portal sponsored Cirkus Scott and she was kind enough to hook Jambo and I up with tickets to yesterday's show. And not just any tickets, but ringside seats!

Jamie had been seeing signs around town for another circus and asking to go, but I get so sad about circuses with wild animals that I can't enjoy or support them. The great thing about Cirkus Scott, though, is that they only have barnyard animals like ponies, pigs, dogs, and goats that have really cushy living conditions and visit vets in every city they go to. Their tricks weren't particularly exciting, but that actually made the show hilarious. Like, teeny tiny poodles jumping over a bigger dog and climbing ladders had me in hysterics.
The dancers and acrobats were seriously legit and the house band and singers were so good that me toes were tapping for the entire two-hour show. And now clowns, thank the lord! But best of all was the fact that the crown princess was there with her husband and their daughter, Estelle! It had occurred to me that we may see some celebrities and their kids there, but I never imagined we'd see THE celebrity!
There were other fun things to do in the tent after the show, like an area where kids could play with every Playmobil toy you can imagine, plus trampolines, a carousel, and pony rides. I was a little disappointed that Jamie didn't want to ride a pony, but whatever, we had an awesome time regardless.  Thanks, Sarianne and Womsa!

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