Sunday, October 16, 2016

Coffee Game

Starbucks is regularly taunting me with stunning travel mugs. I suppose the only downside to a Starbucks opening near my office (I'm so thrilled that I don't even count my dwindling bank account as a downside) is that I've had to talk myself out of buying a new, gorgeous mug every week or so due to the fact that I already had one. It wasn't the greatest and leaked a bit sometimes, and it didn't keep my coffee warm for very long at all because it was plastic, but it got the job done. Then, right before I went to Cleveland, it broke! I was so excited! Finally I could justify a new one! But while I was in the States, I didn't find one I liked enough to invest in. I was disappointed, but figured I could wait until one really caught my eye back in Sweden. It didn't take long. Last week, only a couple of days after I got back, I saw this beaut practically singing my name from the shelf at my local coffee shop. And it's not just pretty, with it's copper finish and watercolor motif. It has fewer parts to wash and the metal keeps my coffee warm for upwards of THREE HOURS. Between this lovely thing and the jug of Coffeemate I brought back from Cleveland, I'd say my morning java's got game.

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