Friday, June 30, 2017

To The Victims Of My One-Track Mind

Good day to you! I'm back with more potato-chip-related content for your Thursday. When I took this picture in the grocery store yesterday, I had planned on writing about how these Swedish chip brands just keeeeeeeeeep on coming out with delightful-sounding limited-edition flavors that just beg to be tested. I'm probably not going to even like them, but they sound really good, right? Then I'm going to have to eat the whole bag because nobody else in my family will like them either and I won't want to waste food by throwing them out. I'm still in the consideration phase of the buying cycle, but I'm leaning heavily toward a purchase, so if you have something to say one way or another on the matter, please text me before my grocery shopping trip that will commence at 11:10 CEST tomorrow. Also! In researching this post, I discovered that FritoLay are also a bunch of rascals, with more than a dozen flavors I've never even heard of nor could have imagined in my wildest dreams but which will require testing the next time I'm stateside.

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