Tuesday, October 10, 2017


So I haven't posted in over a month, which is scandalous, I know, but part of the reason is that I was travelling for half of September. First, I left Sweden on September 6th and spent ten days in Cleveland. I was there for a conference, but spent the first few days of my time there visiting with family and friends.

I checked all the most crucial boxes: Mexican with Mom. Thrice.
There were long walks with the dogs...
...breakfast with my best gals...
...plus lots of quality time with this affectionate pair. Grandma took me to her favorite market to meet the Swedish cashier whose sisters live in the same Stockholm suburb as us! Mom and I did a lot of shopping, mostly at Target, natch, and mostly for toys for Jambo. We at so much good food and spent a lot of time just hanging around the house, chilling with Ray, and chatting non-stop. Even though it was only a few days, it felt long and luxurious, and yet still never long enough. The Swede just got back from his solo trip to Cleveland a few days ago and we're in agreement that we need to go back with Jambo ASAP.  

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