Monday, January 29, 2018


It occurs to me that I talk a lot about the fishing, but rarely, if ever, mention that my husband is the boss of the dang ice. Let me just tell you something about The Swede, something that I've recognized since the very beginning, and something that I respect, admire, and envy:

My husband is a person who can do anything. Over the course of our almost ten years together, I've seen it enough to know that it's a fact. He sees something he wants to do, he analyzes the heck out of it, he practices, commits time and energy, thought and research, and then he kicks the butt of that thing. In just a few years, he's gone from hating every second of ice fishing to loving everything about it, learning everything about it, and getting amazing results. Yesterday he placed fourth in his class in a major competition, a huge accomplishment in its own right, but especially impressive considering the skill and experience of his competitors and the fact that he's been in the game for less than five years.

I couldn't be prouder. And while I'm impressed by the result, I'm in awe of the process. And I'm so, so grateful that our son gets to see all of it. That is, how to become a person who can do anything.   

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