Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Just Us Girls

You know that place you would give anything to visit, but you know it's such a pipe dream, so far away in all ways, that you don't even dare dream about it? I've been to that place. And even better, I got to experience it with the two people in my life who shared the same unnamed dream.
You guys, last week I met up with my mom and sister on Prince Edward Island. Yeah, that Prince Edward Island. I mean, can you imagine?!?
We arrived the week before tourist season began, which had it's advantages and disadvantages. Everything was closed, including the inside of Green Gables, Avonlea Village, all businesses on the north shore, and many in Charlottetown, where we stayed, but it also felt like we had the island to ourselves.  
The sun was shining for the first time this year, the locals were quick to tell us, and we felt lucky to have such beautiful weather while we were there.
We booked a swanky apartment for our three nights in Charlottetown, and spent our evenings there drinking wine, doing face masks, and chatting up a storm.

My sister, Lukia, and I hadn't spent any time together, one-on-one, this millenium, so we took advantage of our children- and husband-free time to catch up while doing some exploring, shopping for souvenirs and art for Lukia's new home, eating oysters, and sipping cocktails.

We drove all over the island, ate as much seafood as we could find, and talked so much and so loudly that we exhausted even ourselves. It was the trip of a lifetime, indeed, and none of us will ever forget it. 

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