Sunday, October 27, 2013

Runny Noses All Around

We've been planning for months to go back to Kolmården this weekend, but the threat of a family-wide cold had been looming all week. The Swede had been well, but I had felt sick for the past few days and Jamie's nose is pretty much always somewhere on the runniness spectrum between September and May so anything could happen. Yesterday, though, we were all more or less a-okay and spent the day at the hotel swimming, messing around in the play room, watching Curious George in the kids' theater, and eating good food, and planned to spend Sunday inside the zoo. By evening, though, we felt something a'comin' and all fell asleep by eight o'clock. And today we are sick. We were very sad to do it, but we scrapped the zoo plan and headed home to recoup so that we, hopefully, won't have to miss any work or school this week. Nevertheless, we had a fun little trip and an excellent Saturday. 

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