Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Business Cas Fashion Show Featuring Selah

Today I am more than pleased to present Selah, my guest business cas fashion model with six adorable and inspiring looks, in her own words! 
Favorite new pants for the fall (Target!). Andy picked them out and loves when I wear them with these menswear inspired loafers.
A pretty boring outfit, to be honest. but I like this necklace a lot. And I recently found this sweater in a box, so it feels new to me.
My new favorite dress. I wish you could see the subtle blue print on this dress, but you can't, so here's the link to the dress at Nordstrom. Side note - selfies are really hard to take. I think I actually got worse at taking them the more I tried.
My newest menswear-inspired outfit. Andy also really likes this one - he shined my shoes for me and gave me the blue laces to spice up the oxfords. I want to wear this camel-colored blazer every day, but honestly, it's not cool enough in Nashville for it yet.
The last truly summery outfit of 2013. This outfit was planned based 50% on my hot pink lipstick, 50% on my leopard belt.
Casual Friday attire. I don't normally wear yellow, but for some reason I really like this sweater with its subtle sparkle.

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