Friday, November 29, 2013

The Business Cas Fashion Show

Today at work, Linda told me that I over-think my outfits after I told her how a certain top made my head look too small. Like I'm the only one who's ever had that problem. Pssht. But I'm obviously guilty as charged. I mean, it doesn't get more self-involved then a regular series of selfies accompanied by an analysis of each ensemble. Nevertheless... 
I got this dress at H&M for ten dollars to wear on my birthday night out with the girls. It has a really pretty geometric detail in the bodice fabric and the shoulders and sleeves are transparent so I wore my trusty black blazer over it at work. And I'm going to pretend it only looked this short in the picture. Thank goodness for high den tights, know what I'm sayin'?
I loved this outfit, couldn't wait to wear it again the next week, and look forward to wearing it again soon. Those grey jeans have a ton of stretch and I was so comfortable, plus the leopard heels came through as usual, making me feel like a million bucks in the simplest outfit. 
I forget about this sweater, then find it, wear it, and love it, and finally forget about it again.
This outfit, as so many are, was so much better in my head. I'm wild about each piece individually, particularly the faux-leather-sleeved blazer, which I have to force myself not to wear every single day, but something about all of it put together made me feel less fabulous than I had dreamed. And I assure you, I dreamed and dreamed about this one.
This is a special sweater because it has a specific mission, namely to hide my gut after the dinner party we're hosting on Sunday. The extra bit of length, plus slightly short sleeves are just what I like in a sweater and the sparkle provided by discreet silver thread woven into the front (which unfortunately you can't see in this picture) is what holiday gut-hiding sweaters are all about.

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