Monday, November 25, 2013

Vacation Close To Home

On Friday afternoon The Swede and I snuck out of work a couple of hours early, picked up Jamie from school, and dropped him off with Mama Swede and Julia. We hopped on the train toward the city and ended up at Nordic Light Hotel where one can book a "mood" ahead of time. The Swede had apparently booked romance because we were greeted with a love-themed lighting scheme as well as champagne, fruit, and chocolates. Plus we got breakfast in bed, which was amazing because the ONLY thing I don't like about staying in hotels is the fact that I feel stressed in the morning to make it down to breakfast. And breakfast is obviously non-negotiable. Sure, it's maybe a little crazy that we stay in hotels whenever we go out on a date in our own city, but it doesn't cost much more than the cab ride home and it totally feels like vacation. That, and we're not tempted to do stuff around the house or pick up the laptop or something else distracting. We had twenty-four whole hours to ourselves this weekend - just long enough to start to long for Jamie - but it felt like days, in the very best way.

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