Saturday, February 14, 2015

Keeping Busy / Daily Jamie

We had actual plans today, but somebody wasn't in the mood to get out of his pajamas or leave the house. Pair that with the fact that he woke up at six thirty this morning and you have a long, long day.
Jamie is typically really good at keeping himself occupied and during those moments today I got a lot done around the house, but when he was getting a little antsy (yet still refusing to go out anywhere) I had to give him a little direction. We put up his tent and threw cushions and blankets around the living room for a bit...
… then I tested something Sarianne had written about on her blog. I put some rice in a ziplock bag along with a couple drops of green food coloring and then put the green rice in an empty tin and added some dinosaurs. He was entranced for a totally unlikely amount of time and Sarianne was my biggest idol at that point. 
But, of course, the calm didn't last forever. Stay-at-home moms are my new idols.

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