Monday, March 9, 2015

A Question

Whoahoahoa, looks who's slackin'! I didn't even realize it'd been so long since I'd updated the 'ol blog until last night when The Swede was like, "Um… we have a problem. The last time you posted was TUESDAY."
My apologies, but now I am back. And it's spring! Or, well, it was yesterday and is today, anyway. We were outside playing in the yard and the park on Sunday, introducing ourselves to ladybugs and spiders who were also out enjoying the weather. The Swede even treated Jambo to a new bike, one that he fell off of within minutes, scraping up his hands and giving his mother a heart attack. I am no good with blood, you guys, and this season holds a promise of many scrapes and cuts based on the way this kiddo/superhero plays. How can this creature be so gentle with that little ladybug and so rough with himself?  

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