Thursday, March 19, 2015


Sooooooo, have I mentioned my sister-in-law is awesome? On Monday she emailed me and asked if I was interested in semi-permanent mascara, which, duh, who isn't, amiright? I was like, "Duh, who isn't?" And she was all, "Sweet, 'cause I totally won 'em on some blog contest and I can't make it up to Stockholm to get 'em so they're yours if you wanna pretend to be me." I'm paraphrasing. Pretending to be Sarianne is something I do quite often anyway so I may as well get something out of it besides more effective parenting and the appearance of infinite poise. They didn't even question my Sarianneness when I walked into the place, so very poised was I and I lay there, relaxing, getting semi-permanent mascara painted onto my each and every lash while they played the most dreamy version of the Godfather theme you could imagine. Now I don't have to apply mascara for four to six weeks, which I hope I don't love otherwise Sarianne will have to win a contest a month to fund the obsession.

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