Monday, June 22, 2015

Molsta Midsummer 2015

People talk about how crappy the weather usually is on midsummer's eve, but the five that I've experienced have been glorious. Until this year, that is, when more rain came down than I've ever seen here. It was constant, as well, and didn't stop the entire day. Annemor and Matt had come from London, the Segerstens arrived straight from a sunny vacation in Greece, plus our family and Mama and Papa Swede made eleven souls under one, five-hundred square foot roof. It wasn't my favorite midsummer. Somehow, though - maybe it's place as the highlight of the day or just my having acquired certain tastes - the food tasted especially amazing this year. Also, it's always a treat to have Annemor and Matt around. We were all together; maybe it wasn't a bust after all.

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