Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer, And Friends

It's summer, guys! It's been super warm the past few days, with just enough rain mixed in to keep the grass green. We've been outside almost the entire weekend, working and playing in the yard, The Swede leading a work day at the fishing club, and Jamie and I spending time with friends. First, we celebrated Sukai's fourth birthday! The party was at a preschool next to Linda's place so the kids were in heaven running around, climbing, exploring, and playing ball, which meant we adults (well, maybe not Linda so much) really got to relax and enjoy the day. Linda made the cutest rainbow-shaped cake with mini-meringue "clouds" and chocolate "treasure" and served a delicious Gambian stew that her husband made. Can you believe it's been four whole years? I'm getting teary now just thinking about the day Sukai was born, how I had looked forward to her getting here for so long, and how it felt like the whole world had changed that day because now this new person was in it. And then, to think that this tiny angel would become the vivid, lively firecracker she is today. It's magic. She's magic.  
In other awesome kid news, Axel and his mom had been on vacation in Cyprus for the past week so these two were dying to get together now that they were back on Swedish soil. They were like long-lost brothers reunited. Axel and Jamie disappeared into a play world and his mom and I hung on their terrace enjoying a glass or two of rosé until way past our bedtime.

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