Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Business Cas Fashion Show

One of the things that got me thinking about wanting less was cleaning out my closet. I’ve known for a long time, but not really acted on the fact that my favorite kinds of outfits, on both myself and others, are the simplest ones. For a long time I tried to be very creative and colorful and followed the lead of a handful of whimsical mommy bloggers to construct my wardrobe. The result was a lot of clothes that I had lukewarm feelings about, unnecessary quantities of the same kind of items, and a lot of frustration about how smooshed together everything was in my closet. Again, a symptom of that more is more attitude that was dragging me down. So, over the course of three days, I put about seventy-five percent of my clothes, shoes, and accessories into paper bags that will be donated after the girls get a chance to sift through them. The only remaining items are ones that I wear because I like the way they look on me, not because I feel guilty because I bought them and feel like I have to. I cannot tell you the feeling of satisfaction I get when I open my closet door since the big purge. I will have much stricter standards for new items from now on. Here are a few outfits that made the cut. 

Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about in terms of my new standards. I knew the second I put this lace pencil skirt on that it was going to make my husband really happy, which would, in turn, make me happy. I love the way it fits and the fact that it’s practically as versatile as jeans in terms of what I can wear it with. Here it is with my favorite sweater for a day when corporate is visiting…

…and with a t-shirt any other day. Even cuter, in my opinion.
I have two peplum tops and they’re not going anywhere. I can’t imagine anyone not feeling her best in a well-cut peplum.
Here’s the kind of minimal outfit I meant. A favorite pair of jeans, white top, leather sandals. Any one of these items could go with any number of other things.
Oh, and another boring simple outfit! It's been a pretty mild summer so I've worn these jeans, like, every single day since I got them at American Eagle Outfitters in New York this spring (AEO is the ONLY place I can find jeans that are the exact right length for my stubby legs). Since the leadership was still on vacation the past couple of weeks I could get away with ripped jeans at the office, but now they’re back and I’ve had to relegate them to weekend-wear only, boohoo! Also, lemme just give you a warning about online shopping: this sweater was advertised as cashmere on an online clothing shop I (used to) frequent and I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. Well, caveat emptor, my people, because it was five percent cashmere and stretches out of shape like nobody’s business with every wear. I still kept it. That five percent makes me feel luxurious. And with a practically-empty closet I need a little of that.

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