Monday, November 30, 2015


I took Jamie to a play at the local culteral center on Saturday and he really got into it. And by "into it" I don't mean that he was particularly engaged in the storyline, but rather, that he and his little buddy from school, during the course of the production, scootched closer and closer to the stage so that, by curtain, they were literally ON the set and playing with the props. I, meanwhile, spent that time a few rows back with the other parents, debating which course of action would be more disruptive for the actors. Would it be A) shouting "Jamie!" to get his attention and then motion him back to his seat, or B) letting him quietly open the top of the birdhouse you see there in the picture and stick his whole arm inside. I tested a quiet Option A, which failed because it was too quiet and then ultimately ended up going with fervent prayer that the dang play would just end. Children's theatre actors laugh in the face of the comparatively benign mobile phone signal, I imagine.   

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