Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Business Cas Fashion Show

Whoa, boy, this was clearly a while back. Open toes? Skirt? This was probably the last dressy outfit of 2015 as things took a turn toward the cozy and relaxed when the weather started to cool. I'm already looking  forward to wearing those heels again, though.
Here's another piece that will be out of rotation for the next six months, but which I am nevertheless happy to have in my wardrobe. I saw this top on the sale rack when I was out on the town with Erin a few weeks back and it was so cheap and so me that I didn't even try it on. I was quite pleased to find out later that it was exactly as lovely as I'd hoped.
I read an article about skinny jeans last week. Apparently the style has been popular longer than any other denim cut ever - over ten years - and it's no good for the fashion industry. They need to be replacing our clothes often in order to prosper, but no new style has been appealing enough to attract us away from the skinny. The next day I felt the need to wear my only non-skinny jeans to see if they have any game. Let's be real, they're pretty slim, but the ankles still felt so wide I felt it necessary to roll them up. I'm no trendsetter, so this is the widest I'm going until I get official word from these fashionable Europeans that skinnies are no longer dominating.
Speaking of domination, move over, the rest of my clothes, because these next two outfits are all I think about. Every single day I have to talk myself out of wearing this cardigan. A couple of days a week I allow myself the indulgence. It is not the cutest thing ever, it's not doing much for my figure, but I want to wrap up everybody I love in there with me all. day. long.
Then, this jacket! I've been on a mission to find the perfect military jacket for months and months and finally found it at my beloved H&M. The Swede indicated that not everyone loves it as much as I do; I feel sorry for whomever he may have been referring to as this classic is going to be in regular rotation FOREVER.

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