Monday, March 21, 2016

A Weekend In Karlstad

Last weekend when we were hanging out with Sarianne, she asked us if we wanted to come to Karlstad, a town three hours west of Stockholm, to a trade show for kids. She was going to be there as a VIP blogger (I suppose in some sort of journalistic capacity) and had tickets for us, if we were interested. Then she name-dropped a couple of the performers who would be there, some of whom we recognized from Melodifestivalen and the kids' channel, and we were in. Jambo and I drove there on Saturday and arrived at our hotel in the late afternoon. We checked in and immediately headed to the jacuzzi, which we had to ourselves, and splashed around in for a good long while. We spent the rest of the evening at the hotel, playing in the playroom and enjoying dinner at their restaurant. On Sunday, we took a walk in the woods before heading over to the trade show. There was a lot to see, and we arrived pretty early considering the performer we wanted to see didn't go on until 2:30. So, with a few hours to kill, we bought and put together some Legos, read books in the cozy reading corner in the library's booth, watched a performer do some cool science experiments, and had a leisurely lunch. Jamie also managed to pick up a bug from one or more of the thousand kids we came in contact with, but thankfully it didn't hit him until we were safely home. We never did see Sarianne, as she was heading home just as we arrived, but we were very appreciative of the free tickets and really enjoyed the experience, and the excuse to take a roadtrip!

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