Sunday, August 7, 2016

That's A Wrap

With just a few hours left until our month-long vacation is over, I'm feeling pretty good about going back to work. The Swede is already back in the groove, of course, and Jamie seems positive about his return to school. Let's just see how he feels early tomorrow morning, though.
Jamie and I rounded out our time off with a trip to Eskilstuna and one of our favorite places, Parken Zoo. We spent hours and hours there on Wednesday, then stayed the night in a hotel that was right next to a brand new indoor water park. We swam until we were totally pooped out on Thursday then hopped into the car and headed to our next destination, Uppsala.
I want to spend time in Uppsala whenever possible, so we used a free hotel night to maximize our time there, but were so tired after the swimming that we spent Thursday evening in the room in front of the television. On Friday, however, we did some decent exploring, including the cathedral, which is just spectacular.

Pictures cannot do this place justice, people. Jamie was very accommodating, letting me take my time to  take it all in, lump in my throat, lip a'quiverin'.
Jamie's patience paid off because I took him to see The Secret Life of Pets afterwards. Then we went home to be with The Swede and enjoy a lazy last weekend of summer break.  

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