Friday, May 26, 2017


Why the Feast of the Ascension is a public holiday is beyond me, but I'll gladly take the paid day off. Yesterday, instead of going to work and school, we met up with The Swede's folks in Trosa, as seriously adorable coastal town just south of Stockholm. Despite being very close both the summer cabin and Söderköping, and despite getting rave reviews from Ingvor and Roland, we'd somehow never been. Mama and Papa Swede were there to watch a fishing competition and since my husband can't resist that sort of thing, it was a given that we would check it out. We walked around for a bit and enjoyed some ice cream and sodas and watched some fishermen we know win during the award ceremony, then I got in my car, and Jamie and The Swede got in Papa Swede's because I had to go home and work on Friday and everybody else was heading to Molsta. I didn't go straight home, though. Just outside of Trosa, I saw signs for Tullgarn Palace and obviously couldn't resist. I just missed the last tour of the day, but they let me peek around on the first floor a bit, plus a took a leisurely walk around the grounds.

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