Sunday, March 9, 2014

Melodifestivalen Weekend 2014

It was the weekend of the Melodifestivalen song contest final and I was again reminded of why it's The Swede's favorite holiday.
Per tradition, cousin Annemor and her fiancĂ© Matt and the usual group of friends came over from London to watch the live dress rehearsal on Friday night. There was a lot of catching up beforehand when we all met at the arena and, naturally, a lot of speculation about which song could win. The show itself was so much fun. I cannot overstate how enjoyable it is to see it live, even if it is just a rehearsal for the real thing on Saturday. 
I'm glad we see the rehearsal, though, since that frees us up for a whole day and long evening at Mama and Papa Swede's to converse about the music in the comfort of their home. The atmosphere there may be even more exciting than at the stadium, especially since a great song won and everybody seemed satisfied with the result. Today we took advantage of the Londoners' rare presence again and spent the afternoon with the family. It all went by too fast and now we're even more excited for Annemor and Matt's wedding.

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