Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Business Cas Fashion Show

First full day back at work after the holidays and everyone was like, "Red? Really? It's a little late for that." I prefer to think of it as early for Valentine's Day, actually. And anyway, it was on sale. Unfortunately, something was up with our office's heating system and it was freezing that whole week so I was extremely uncomfortable until it occurred to me to put on my parka at my desk. I skipped the picture of that outfit.
So the rest of the week I wore this vegan leather jacket over everything. Do you like how I called it "vegan leather" to class things up even though it's obviously just pleather? I loved wearing outerwear as business cas as I feel that this particular number doesn't usually get enough play. The same goes for my vegan Burberry scarf. Shoes are where I draw the line, though. I will never be sitting at my desk in these.
I had to dig through all the old Fashion Shows to make sure that I hadn't already photographed this sweater because it's been in the rotation for so long. I got it at the Old Navy outlet on this trip and every time I wear it it reminds me of that amazing vacation. The pants were another recent after-Christmas-sale purchase that I'm very pleased with. They're the kind of cotton chinos that are typically sagging by the end of the day, but these have held their shape impeccably, which makes me even more pleased. 
Neither business nor casual, I had to include this outfit because it's probably my favorite one of all time and I did, technically, wear it to work. If you count the office holiday party, that is. This isn't the best picture (since I wasn't in my usual studio) so here's the pro image for reference. Am I too old to wear a romper? Most definitely. Do I have the figure to pull it off? That's what Spanx are for. Am I scanning my calendar for another opportunity to romp it up in this bad boy? BIG TIME.

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