Sunday, July 23, 2017

Six Years Old

This kid, you guys. Obviously I love him more than life itself, but I also really, really like him. He is a true pleasure to be around. He's clever and funny, making jokes (in both Swedish and English) that are so spot-on it sometimes blows The Swede and me away. The way Jamie sees the world is endlessly fascinating and I'm trying to learn as much about it - about him - as I can. I love to fika with this kid and to put him to bed; this is when he does all his best talking and I find out so much about what's on his mind, what he's curious about, what he cares about. (The Swede wrote this while Mara was away, i Love Mara sooo much. Best mom and best wife ever.)  He has an incredible memory and our family loves reminding each other of things that we've done and Jamie often brings up events that we had forgotten about or can't believe that he can remember because he was so little. He's also incredibly good at math, adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers easily in his head, stuff The Swede and I couldn't do until we were much older than he is. We're both useless with numbers, so this ability and enthusiasm is particularly surprising. If you don't know him, I wish you did. He's cuddly, loud, and open with us, a bit more careful with everybody else, but his sweet soul shines through wherever he goes. I feel so lucky that we got this particular kid, that he's our family. I daresay this is the coolest six-year-old alive.

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