Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vacay Week Two

Our second week of vacation started on an awesome note when we discovered that a KFC was opening about an hour from our house! The Swede kindly pulled off the highway for an unplanned, early lunch as soon as we saw the sign. We ordered a bucket and decided just a few pieces into it that we didn't need to do that again for awhile.
We continued on toward Skara Sommarland amusement park, where we met up with Erin and Svante and the kids. It was fun, but very crowded and exhausting, as evidenced by these images.  

The week since we got home from Skara Sommarland has been a blur of sixth birthday preparation and celebration, with a trip to Parken Zoo and an overnight at the summer cabin thrown in.  
Jamie had a great birthday, got lots of presents, ate a ton of cake and candy, and spent lots of time with his friends.
His Pokémon-themed party was a huge success, with bingo and a piñata being the high points.

We had the pleasure of The Johansson's company again yesterday when they came over to our place for dinner. The Swede took us all fishing and made sure that each of the boys caught something. It's been a nice, relaxing week around the house, which was necessary because on Saturday Jamie and I are heading off for a week in a tiny cabin with Sarianne, Elin, Julia, and Elin's boyfriend. It promises to be intense. You'll hear from me again soon!  

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