Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vacay Week One

Here we are on Sunday evening, just finishing up the laundry before we head out on the next leg of our   summer break. It began last Sunday when we drove up to the ski village of Sälen where we had rented a cabin for four nights. It was very cold and rainy up there, so much so that we were forced to buy new jackets. We spent a lot of time chilling in the cabin, playing cards and video games, but also swam a ton  and spent some time bundled up out in nature.
Jamie and I painted dalahästar, which was basically a dream come true. The best activity with the best company.
One day, we took a short drive to the Norwegian border and stood in two places at once. 
The Swede finally got to break in his fly fishing gear and I'm pretty sure it was his good-time equivalent of my painting dalahästar.
We also took a hike to Sweden's highest waterfall, the majestic Njupeskär, and it was the highlight of the week.

On the way home, we spent a night in Tällberg, per tradition, and it was as lovely as ever.
And no trip to Dalarna is complete without a stop at the knäckebröd factory.
Yesterday, back home and in the thick of unpacking and repacking, we took a break and headed into the city to catch some Pokémon. The day before was the crown princess's 40th birthday so the castle was decked out in fresh flowers. Also, there were people EVERYWHERE. Somehow I had forgotten how packed with tourists Stockholm becomes in the summer. In some spots it was difficult to even get around, but we enjoyed it regardless.
Stay tuned later in the week for a report from our next adventure!

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