Thursday, November 15, 2012


Jamie's preschool is closed today and tomorrow and The Swede had to go to Sundsvall, a few hours north of Stockholm, to set up some stuff in our new office there so Jambo and I decided to tag along. You know, mix it up. We drove up after work yesterday, thinking that Jamie would sleep in the car part of the way and then fall quickly back asleep at the hotel. Not so. It was rough, people, and none of us got much sleep. Those babies, they love their routines and taking Jamie out of his was not the coolest thing we've ever done. The day has gone well, however, minus three restaurant-meal-meltdowns, because we've been fighting to keep him entertained, fresh-aired, and properly-napped the entire time, things that probably would have been more easily accomplished at home. Hopefully someday soon he will appreciate mixing it up as much as we do. 

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