Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oh What A Night

Last night was my birthday party and it was seriously one of the Top Three Nights of My Life. Within five minutes of the first guests arriving I had a headache from too much smiling.
About thirty of our nearest and dearest were there and having them all in the same room was beyond amazing. We ate, we drank, we danced and I wish we do it again next week. How many years is it till The Swede's big fortieth birthday party again?
One of the best parts of the evening was that some of my girlfriends got to meet The Swede for the first time. And see his moves on the dance floor, a significant piece of his charm.
The location was perfect, not too big and not too small and shaped so that we could fit everybody at one, long L-shaped table. Mama Swede provided the chicken entrée, which was a hit, and Sarianne, Magnus, The Swede and I fixed the rest of the food.
I'm not posting any dancing photos, despite the fact that there were many, because there aren't any where at least one person isn't looking like a fool. Such is the nature of dancing photos, as you surely know. Here, though, is my favorite picture of the night: Erin and The Swede, my best gal and my best guy, thick as thieves and no doubt discussing Sons of Anarchy.

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