Thursday, November 29, 2012

Valves & Fittings 4 Eva

You know by now that I'm a dork in my personal life, but I also happen to be a professional loser. This picture is my proof, obviously. Do you like my logo'd button-down? How about my prideful stance? And what about the fact that I'm standing next to a time capsule? My company donated a valve to the A Day In The World project (which, incidentally, is the opposite of lame as you'll see if you follow the link) so that they could inject a gas into this time capsule that will be used to preserve a book of photos and a laptop for, like, a billion years. Give or take. As the totally unsubstantiated marketing and communications director of my organization, I am responsible for posting photos like these on our Facebook page. I think I'll skip this one, though, and try to at least maintain some semblance of coolness on that particular social network. Since, you know, I blew it a long time ago here. 

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