Saturday, January 5, 2013

Á La Mode

This obviously isn't a fashion blog. If it was I would have significantly fewer readers, I promise you, as I am no fashionista whatsoever. I aspire, however, and love reading fashion blogs and taking inspiration from them, strangers on the street, and, as was the case with my new Sorel boots, friends. Erin (who has been in Canada ALL WINTER, feels like) messaged me a couple of weeks ago about these boots that she had purchased because "cold feet are the WORST!!!" She then went on to talk me into getting my own, something I had been considering anyway since they remind me of the classic duck shoes my mom used to sport, by reminding me that we're going to be spending winter after winter on playgrounds with out little ones and, again, cold feet are the worst. I was convinced, but decided to wait till the after-Christmas sales. Then I got a gift card to the sporting goods store, put two and two together, and these babies are finally mine! And if you want to be vogue like me you'll take my twin Erin's and my cue. 

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