Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ditching 2012

No sooner had we arrived at the cabin yesterday afternoon, than Sarianne was asking me to take her into to town to get snacks for the late night we had ahead. Sure, no prob. Except, see, the roads were really narrow and icy and as soon as another car came from the other direction we slid into the ditch. It happened so slowly that I managed to shriek a certain obscenity several dozen times. Sarianne said she felt like she was in an American movie with all the shrieking. The car was fine, thank goodness, and so were we and we managed to get a tow truck out there on that country road within, what? Three hours? Many cars passed during that time and most of them stopped and about half of their drivers mentioned that the very same thing had happened to them in that very same spot recently, so clearly I'm not to blame. I think it's pretty obvious that Sarianne is, but I forgive her because those hours we spent standing on the side of the road in the freezing cold were some of the best of the year. 

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