Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cozy Central

Pillows styled by Jamie.
Well, here she is, folks. Our new, blue bedroom. Naturally, it's a question of taste, but I am wild about this color: the deepest blue with just enough green that it doesn't look navy. Obviously it was a risky choice, particularly since I decided to cover the entire windowed wall with curtains (we almost always keep the blackout blinds drawn, so I'm just pretending the window isn't there) so there is no natural light coming in. And let me tell you, when the lights are off IT IS DARK. But I think the white furniture helps to balance the walls and I like the cozy feel of a dark bedroom anyway. I had this magnificent plan for the wall opposite the mirrors, but then The Swede asked me not to ruin the place with a bunch of pictures. "Less is more," he said. I tend not to agree, if you recall, but decided to appease him for the meantime. His football player print there in the reflection was approved, however. 
And for reference, the room as it was before: light, airy, and perfectly fine, but not quite Mara. And definitely not Mara's mom, as the bed is not made.

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