Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Business Cas Fashion Show

The great weather and the skirts and dresses just keep on a'comin'! 
I admired this dress in the shop window in the springtime then bought it on sale in last-minute desperation for my friends' wedding in June. I think I like the idea of it more than the execution as I'm not as much of a pattern girl as I sometimes like to think I am. Deep, right?
Sometimes I wear a pencil skirt the day after I watch Suits. I'm sorry to say, I am no Rachel.
Take away the casual, this is full-on business, people! I wore this when a bigwig from corporate was in the office and we were required to be on our best sartorial behavior. This dress was a purchase from about six years ago, back when I had (got!) to dress like Rachel from Suits every day. I remember distinctly the moment I tried it on in the Target dressing room and thought to myself, "well, this doesn't happen often." Actually, knowing me, I probably said it out loud. Anyway, I made a rule then and there for myself and anyone I happen to be shopping with, that if a dress fits like it was made for you, you have to buy it. Period.
Remind me to get over to Pinterest or something and find some new poses. My most sincere apologies. At lease I'm smizing.
If I'm to believe the young ladies around here, I'm not supposed to be wearing a camisole under this see-through top. This sneaking around in the office gym all the time is already pushing the limits of decorum, though, so I'll let my leopard sandals do the sassin' in this outfit.

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