Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Promise Kept

Over a year ago, in an effort to help us motivate him, Sarianne told Jamie that as soon as he was out of diapers she would take him to Kolmården zoo. Well, he achieved that goal right around the time the zoo closed for the season but nobody forgot the promise. What Sarianne didn't know at the time of the offer was that Bamses Värld, a theme-park part of the zoo based on a popular children's series, was having its grand reopening on May 1st and that Sarianne, famous blogger that she is, would be the recipient of free VIP tickets.
So when the weather report said it would be just awful there was no question that we'd be going anyway. Free tickets, the Bamse attraction, plus the promise of plenty of Swedish celeb sightings were way more powerful than a little rain. And while we were basically drenched and shivering the entire time, we had a lot of fun and saw many celebs and, per the usual, got teary over the dolphin show and, best of all, got to see Jamie having the time of his life. So thank you, Sarianne, for a wonderful day! You're a very popular aunty right now! 

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