Thursday, May 21, 2015

Off To Göteborg

We woke up extra early today, hopped in the car, and drove five hours to Göteborg. Jamie's school is closed today and tomorrow for teacher planning and The Swede had to do some work in the Göteborg office, so Jambo and I decided to tag along. We had a really nice car ride down, with basically zero whining from the front or back seat, and we even enjoyed a fika along the highway, something The Swede aka "No Stops" would have never agreed to four years ago. When we arrived we spent a few hours at the office, where Jamie and I played hide and seek and climbed the tree out front and The Swede worked his IT magic. Then we checked into our hotel and split up. The Swede went to a very important football match while I took Jambo to Liseberg. We rode some rides and played and ate ice cream, but headed back earlier than I was expecting. Jamie wanted to spend time in the "hotal". So here we are, enjoying the kids channel and wifi on a pull out bed in a Göteborg hotel room. Pretty awesome, in my opinion.

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