Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back In Time

Erin and I planned to get together with the boys on Saturday and we were also going to be spending the weekend at Molsta, which turned out to be perfect since the cabin is actually closer to Erin's than our home is. I googled around a bit to find something we could do where we could meet in the middle and found Torekällberget, an open-air museum less than half an hour away. The place was totally adorable; it reminded me of Hale Farm and Village, which my grandparents took my siblings and me to when we were kids. We pet farm animals and the boys served us pretend strawberry cakes that they baked in little play cabins, we ate lunch, and then, later, ice cream, and jumped from a low loft into piles of hay about a thousand times. This will definitely be happening again.

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