Saturday, May 2, 2015

Valborg in Söderköping

This year we spent Valborg in Söderköping. We haven't really established any tradition for celebrating the beginning of spring so we jumped at the chance to spend the holiday with the Segerstens, especially since they invited us to the grand opening of Bamses Värld the next day.
But before all of the fun on Friday we were obligated to check out the traditional Valborg bonfire, conveniently located on the opposite side of town. No, but really, we had a lovely walk through Söderköping, pretty much the cutest town ever. Sarianne, however, walks at approximately triple my default pace so it was a bit of a struggle. Mostly for her, I should say.
By the time we got 'round the bonfire, though, it was pretty cold and Jambo was tired of walking and we were about forty minutes early. Because of Sarianne's fast walking, you know.
When they finally lit the bonfire, though, it warmed up significantly and was the perfect lighting for photographing these fabulous folks.

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