Friday, September 25, 2015

At The Carwash, Yeah

The Swede has been at a conference this week and I've been driving his car while he's gone 'cause, well, look: it has a sunroof. And to be honest, a couple of extra horses, which I oughtn't care about, but boy do those horses make it fun to drive. At any rate, I went ahead and detailed the inside with my own two hands on my lunch break yesterday and today, after I picked Jambo up from school, we took a trip through the carwash. Jamie wasn't into it at all until we actually got into the carwash and then, as you can see, it was the funnest. So even though I typically think a professional carwash is a big waste of money, I'm hoping The Swede will appreciate his like-new ride and at the very least I've discovered something to do with Jamie if he's feeling grumpy.

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