Friday, September 18, 2015

Where We've Been

Gran Canaria! The Swede, Jamie and I were fortunate enough to spend the past week on this Spanish island off the west coast of Africa with Jamie's best friend and his mom. It was bliss. Constant sunshine, lots of swimming, shows and dancing for the kids, sangria, sangria, ice cream, sangria. The days all blended into each other as our skin became darker and the number of cannon balls into the pool grew larger. Aside from a few Instagrams, I've been blessedly offline.  I never cracked open a laptap and tried not to look at my phone, except to take a few pictures so these boys can tell their own kids about their first vacation together. The result is the usual Daily Jamies, several pictures of palms, and some swimwear shots of The Swede and I that the internet never need lay eyes upon. As of yesterday it was back to reality and I'm so grateful to say that reality is just as good, if significantly less warm.

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