Saturday, September 19, 2015


We and our neighbors can't seem to get enough of each other and even after a week together on a desert island, when invited to pick apples in the country with Axel and Marie-Louise, we jumped at the chance. 
Marie-Louise works at a conference center a few miles outside of town and the apple trees on the property were dripping with fruit. It was a little too late for most of them, but I got a couple pounds of nice-looking ones.
We wandered the grounds a bit and since we were so far away from anywhere, really, the kids could scream and run around to their hearts' content. It was so, so pretty out there and it was an absolutely perfect early-fall day so we took a ton of pictures. One thing that was a little weird, though, was that the nearby military base was firing machine gun shots the entire time. It looked like paradise and sounded like a war zone.
When we got home, I peeled and sliced all the apples and was too bored by the end to bake anything so I just doused them in sugar and cinnamon and fried them up, Cracker Barrel-style. So good. I can't wait till breakfast so I can eat them again.

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