Thursday, September 3, 2015

You're Getting Sleepy

Our neighbor mentioned this bedtime book she'd heard about, "The Rabbit That Really Wanted to Fall Asleep" last week and I ordered it right away. It's written by a behavioralist and the text and the way in which you read it were designed to help children fall asleep quickly. We have marathon bedtime sessions around here and the one putting Jamie to bed often falls asleep before he does, killing the evening for The Swede and me, so testing the book was never a question. It arrived in the mail yesterday and it was The Swede's night to put Jamie to bed. When I came home from choir rehearsal, The Swede, looking a little freaked out, declared that he had hypnotized Jamie and the kid had fallen asleep on the second page. He woke up well-rested and in a better mood than I'd seen on an early school morning in a while. Tonight, my night, went slightly less well as we made it all the way to page four. Maybe it's the accent, heh. But The Swede was right, it was straight-up hypnotism and a little bit creepy how well it worked. And now, excuse me while I go tell every parent I know about this miracle.

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