Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

Another lovely Christmas in Söderköping with this beloved family has come and gone. This one was a little bit extra special because of the addition of a new Segersten:
May I present Charlie, sweet, silent puppy extraordinaire, who has inspired an intense love in his human family. He's super tiny and we had to be careful with him, but he's a very, very good puppy, as far as puppies go, and I must admit that I enjoyed his presence.  
Also new this year was my contribution to the julbord. I wanted to try to take a little pressure off of Mama Swede, who typically prepares, literally, a couple dozen dishes, but ultimately I did the opposite. I was to make the Janssons frestelse, a pretty simple traditional potato, onion, and anchovy casserole and found a recipe on the 'net. First, I needed to be reminded on Christmas Eve to actually make it. Strike one. Next, I followed the recipe. Unnecessary, I now know. I should have timed it, but the rough estimate of time that Mama Swede watched me follow the recipe, skin certainly crawling, was about four minutes, at which point she jumped in and saved me/the Janssons/Christmas.
Magnus's whole family, plus his sister's boyfriend, also joined us for Kalle Anka, dinner, and presents so there were a ton of people. Magnus's dad and little sister were particularly fun and laughed at all of our lame jokes. We didn't get any snow, which was a bummer, but I think we created a pretty cozy atmosphere indoors.

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