Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I over-purchased pecans for my Thanksgiving sweet potato recipe last month and have had my eyes peeled for a Christmas cookie recipe featuring nuts ever since. Yesterday, after clicking around a bit on Pinterest, I discovered this recipe, which won my heart because I had all of the ingredients at home, and who minds swapping walnuts for pecans? They were supa dupa easy to make and all the ball-rolling was very relaxing so I can definitely recommend them. Okay, well, one thing: they're a little dry, but I think that might be because I chopped my pecans in a food processor, creating a lot of pecan dust. Maybe if you do a rougher chop with a knife there will be a better balance of powdery ingredients and butter. The Swede and Jamie don't like to try new foods, which, fine, I wasn't going to let them eat them anyway. I don't want them getting crumbs all over my house. So, yeah, that whole plate is for me.

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