Thursday, December 31, 2015

Two Thousand and Fifteen

Somehow we're at the end of another year. Inconceivable! I love putting together these end-of-year posts because it's such a good reminder of so many moments that I've somehow forgotten about. And, of course, it's so bittersweet to see how much Jamie has changed over the course of one year. So here it is, the highlights of 2015, sandwiched between lots of work, school, laughter, routine, and, most of all, love. 
In January, to The Swede's delight, winter came and the lakes froze over, welcoming ice-fishing season. He was out every Sunday, during which time Jambo and I usually went to the movies.
February wasn't particularly exciting, apparently, because the most interesting thing I blogged about was how awesome sledding was. I mean, it was pretty amazing.
In March, Jamie got to go to his first live Melodifestivalen show. I promise he was just as enthused about it as his parents, just not the part where we were taking selfies.
My life's dream - which I didn't even know was a dream until it came true - was fulfilled in April when my choir performed a concert consisting entirely of Simon & Garfunkel songs. It was magic.
In May, these cool cats and I went to the Big Apple and tore up the town. Or the soles of our shoes, at least.
In June, we kicked off the summer with a long weekend in the medieval city of Visby.

I also got the chance to cook-a-long with a famous chef during Taste of Stockholm with my best gals.
July began with The Swede's and my work trip to Hamburg.
Then, a few days later, I flew up into the clouds with Gurra in his glider. Unforgettable!
Later, during our annual summer visit to Dalarna, we met up with Erin, Svante and the kids for a day of fun at Leksands Sommarland.
And, of course, what would July in Sweden be without a weekend at the beach?
We were back up in Dalarna with Mama and Papa Swede and the Segerstens in August because none of us were quite ready to get back to work.
Turns our we weren't back to work long, though. In September, we took a last-minute trip to Gran Canaria with our neighbors.
In October, Jamie and I had a blast going all out on our Halloween decorations and passing out candy to what seemed like the whole neighborhood. A tradition was born!
The Swede and I went on a date in the city to celebrate my birthday in November. We stayed overnight at a cozy hotel and saw a truly wonderful musical.
Annemor and Matt visited in December so we got to enjoy a couple of days with them and celebrate Christmas twice!

So, you see, 2015 was a good one. And not just for me. I'm so, so grateful about the fact that, at the close of this year, the people I love are safe and healthy and happy, a blessing I hope continues into 2016. Now, if you'll please excuse me, we're going to light some candles, pour some bubbly, set off some fireworks, and fight to stay awake until midnight.

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