Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cookie Party

Yesterday, for the third year in a row, Linda brought her girls over for a little pre-Christmas project. While the construction of the gingerbread houses was a bit tricky last year, the decorating part was super fun, so this year I baked up a batch of sugar cookies, whipped up some icing, and put out sprinkles, and let them go to town. The memories are hazy, but I've seen home videos of my mom hosting parties like this for the neighborhood kids when I was a child. I mean, is there anything more Christmassy than decorating sugar cookies? Exactly. And you wouldn't believe the fine motor skills on these small people! I was totally impressed by the patterns they created and the concentration with which they worked. Alicia must have decorated a dozen just on her own and I was glad that she was so prolific so that most of the cookies left along with the guests. We listened to the Frozen soundtrack and drank a ton of julmust and tried to get into the spirit despite the lack of snow. With some success, I'd say.

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