Monday, February 22, 2016

Getting Involved

You've been hearing a lot about ice-fishing on the blog these days, no? Here comes some more. The Swede's club had their club championship on Saturday and my husband was all about getting everyone involved. He invited Jamie and I, the Segerstens, and Axel and his mom to come eat a hot dog and watch the awards ceremony and, by golly, we all did! It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing something fierce, but Jamie and Axel both donned their fingerless (ice-fishing) gloves and stood proudly by The Swede as he tallied the results. Some may argue that the results and awards are the best part - the motivator - but it was hard to find even that part attractive in the icy cold. Nevertheless, neither Elin nor Julia were that turned off as they both competed during a four-hour competition the very next day. While they appreciate a good hot dog as much as the next guy, the very youngest are going to require a little more convincing.

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