Friday, February 5, 2016

Vasa Boyz

Last week, both Axel and Jamie came home talking about the Titanic and the warship Vasa, which sunk about four hundred years ago in Stockholm's harbor. Someone in their class must have heard about the ships at home and then brought it up at school and the teachers rolled with it and gave the fascinated kids some history, which they then repeated excitedly to us over dinner. Axel's mom and I decided to capitalize on the enthusiasm and took the afternoon off of work today to take the boys to the Vasa Museum in the city. We did a family tour with a guide who was perfect with the kids, telling them the story of the ship's two year construction and twenty minute voyage before it was blown over by a gust of wind and sank, and was then discovered and pulled up in 1961. They listened intently the entire time and even wanted to explore the museum more after the tour was over. I love this age; they're so curious and understand anything you're patient enough to explain to them and I can't wait to see what catches their interest next.